Monday, July 31, 2006

Half Marathon

I completed my first half marathon on Sunday. It was amazing and I am inspired to do more. I started running in the dark and watched the sunrise as I ran over the Golden Gate! They had closed off three lanes to traffic. It was an incredible sight.

I came 2995 out of 3858 and completed the race in 2:33! Not bad for someone with no running talent. I was egged on by one t-shirt that had "ha-ha you're behind me" for a couple of miles. They gave us a chip to tie to our shoe to measure our time which is now available online. Pretty cool.

My favorite memory was on the 12th mile at the top of the last hill - some guy had Chariots of Fire blaring from his window. I was so delirious I thought I was imaging it. Everyone was calling out to him thanking him for the music. They also had Hell's Angels types doing security on the circuit. No cops to be seen. It was pretty funny to be cheered on by zzTop look alikes. Very SF.


At 8:56 PM, Blogger Rachel Gunn said...

"eisenhower, james dean, brooklyns got a winning team..."
I understand the moment.

What'da mean no talent! Why don't you some over here and do the city to surf this weekend?
This was the year that I was finally going to do it and I'm planning on taking photos of it!
- gotta build the portfolio you know...


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