Sunday, January 29, 2006

Is this what a Rock Star looks like in the morning?

This is what he looked like before he cut his hair last week.

He should have probably kept it long for the gig last night.

He was thrilled to be quoted in the Chronicle:

The band he is in, Heathrow, played with two other great bands last night at the Sweetwater, a gorgeous old bar with a lot of history. They are getting some seriously passionate fans. Some came all the way from Florida!! A lot of the fans are finding out about the band on

Today we spent today just chilling out. I met an artist who has some great work he will show later in the year. We also shopped for some Morrocan pieces. Mike hung our new lamp in our music room.


At 8:34 PM, Blogger Diego said...

Whoa!!! That's a scary photo! Just kidding... you sue do look like a rock star.

It was great to get your email informing us of your new blog. Well done! Look forward to keeping up to date with your comings & goings in US of A.




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