Sunday, January 29, 2006

Is this what a Rock Star looks like in the morning?

This is what he looked like before he cut his hair last week.

He should have probably kept it long for the gig last night.

He was thrilled to be quoted in the Chronicle:

The band he is in, Heathrow, played with two other great bands last night at the Sweetwater, a gorgeous old bar with a lot of history. They are getting some seriously passionate fans. Some came all the way from Florida!! A lot of the fans are finding out about the band on

Today we spent today just chilling out. I met an artist who has some great work he will show later in the year. We also shopped for some Morrocan pieces. Mike hung our new lamp in our music room.

Year of the Dog

Happy Chinese New Year. This is what I see from my window at sunrise most mornings:

Its the year of the dog and maybe the year of a puppy for us! We went to our first dog show this weekend. It was great seeing so many breeds under one roof.
We fell in love with this beautiful Australian Shepherd.
Just gorgeous!

We bumped into some friends of ours -the Hardwicks.

Their kids were failing in love with these beautiful dogs.

Monday, January 16, 2006

Val & Raffick's Wedding

It was great to celebrate the wedding of our friends Valerie & Raffick. They are such a fun couple. We can't wait to go to Brazil!

After the wedding we saw Seinfeld live. The guy is hilarious. Just in case you were wondering how he has been since the show, he said his wife is forever complaining about his tone of voice. The guy now has three kids and is 51. It felt like we hung out with Jerry for an hour and caught up with him. I wasn't a huge fan but I am now. Anyone who can make me laugh solid for an hour has me as a fan.

Couple of bugs

More photos from NYE.

It was a great night with friends.

Wolfie the red bug.... Roland the dragonfly, Em was Eve.

It was a Garden of Eden...

See the link below for other photos

This is the Owl and the cat celebrating the dawn of 2006. It was an amazing party where the idea was that you had to dress up as creatures that might play in the grass. Huge fronds of grass hung from the ceiling and we danced ourselves into a frenzy!